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Why Preventable 2.0?

Although Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ struck a chord with the medical community, there are still glaring issues with how topical steroids are being used. With our community growing in size, it is imperative we do not give up on protecting the next generation of sensitive skin patients.

This time around, instead of focusing more on the patient aspect, we will dive deeper into…

  • pre-TSW – research on eczema and skin conditions that bring us new TSW patients 
  • new research, medications, and the narrative changing around topical steroid use
  • government responsibility in updating guidelines and labels
  • patient and physician collaboration efforts taking place around the world
  • eczema society and association roles in disseminating information to patients
  • social media influence and grassroots efforts
  • what action steps that must be taken to bring TSW into true validation
  • the dangers parents face with Child Protective Service threats

However, the patient experience is the most important player in this scenario. New voices, new hardships, and new perspectives will be gracing the screen — patients and care givers who are ready to bare all in order to prevent this condition from happening to anyone else.