Ways to Raise

Ways to Raise: How you can make an impact

Holiday Theme


Bake Sale/ Raffle

Craft Sale/ Raffle

Host a Holiday Event

Teach a class (dance, art, music, editing, writing, sport)

Host a Showcase

Raffle a piece (art, photography, jersey, clothing, instrument)



Raffle a product

Donate your time/service

Tithing portion

Host event / Benefit concert


Yard sale

Speak to city council for grants and local coverage

Find friends who own businesses and ask about sponsoring (go to Sponsorship page for proposal — tax deductible)

Ask your boss if your company can contribute

Speak to family and friends and set a goal you’d like to raise together

Share on your social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok

Set aside $1 each day and donate $30 at the end of the month

Tax Deductible Contribution Page: Creative Visions

When making a donation, please use the “Friends and Family” section so that no fees are taken out

If you’d like to see where all the funds are going, please visit the sponsorship page and look directly into the proposal. This is a tentative amount that may fluctuate in case more funds are needed for marketing purposes or the post production process.