Preventable Reviews

The documentary has touched the lives of so many. Let us never forget what a small group of determined individuals can accomplish by using their voices for good. Continue to tell your stories. Share them courageously.

“I was personally moved to watch the entire documentary more than once,” NEA President and CEO Julie Block shares. “NEA is entirely aligned here, as evidenced in creating a task force on the subject, and including RSS/TSW in our provider curriculum, patient education materials, shared decision making initiative, our webinar series, and in passionately advocating for new, and more effective and safer treatments.”

Julie Block, National Eczema Association President and CEO

I wish every dermatology and allergist had to watch this.

 – Tali Weingarten

Briana–what a valuable documentary! Thank you for making it and for opening up and sharing your story (and the stories of so many). You are a beautiful (or beauti-flawed) strong woman!!! Just. Absolutely. Beautiful. Heart!! Thank you!

– K T T

Thank you. Just….thank you. For pushing through the pain of TSW to create this documentary. I have so much respect for you, and I am so happy that I now have another resource to point people to when I talk about RSS

– Katquizzity

Briana thank you so much for making this. I have had to pause this video so many times to stop and cry it has brought back so many feelings and emotions from my tsw journey. This is honestly the best documentation I have seen on tsw.

– Gemma A

I’m studying to become a doctor and I praise patients who take their care into their own hands. It shouldn’t be that way, patients should be able to feel comfortable in denying a treatment if they feel it is doing them harm. And doctors are there to listen and to care for each human INDIVIDUALLY because humans are complex. I strive to always keep this mindset and so I want to thank you for reminding me that even though I’m going to school to care for humans it doesn’t mean I know it everything. For reminding me that science is an ever evolving line of work

– Alexis Prigg

Briana, the finished product certainly shows how much time, effort and yourself that you’ve put into the project. Well done ! Your videos and advice certainly kept me going through the worst of TSW. You are right in saying that it’s horrible to go through without any support, yet I did and I’m thankful for all the advice I found online. This documentary should be viewed by anyone contemplating the us of TS.

– Denis Reedy

Wow! This documentary is so touching and heartbreaking. First time I’ve cried in a while. Seeing the horrific withdrawals you have all faced, and the courage to go through TSW and continue to tell your story is truly inspirational and keeps me going too! Wish I had found this video earlier, but just wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude for Briana and everyone else involved for making this incredible documentary. You guys are true heroes!

– Liam Nguyen

As a primary care provider I believe TSW should be included into every medical school curriculum.  We need a paradigm shift from sick care to actual health care that is preventable and empowering.  Inspiring work.  Thank you.

As a primary care provider I believe TSW should be included into every medical school curriculum.

– Eduardo Alvarado, Physician

Briana, thank you so very much for making this documentary. I am new to this journey and can not believe the path that has been paved ahead of me. You did an incredible job with connecting to all these folks and creating a place for them to all share their stories <3 So many gratitude showers coming your way!

– Jennifer Dorby

Thank you so much Briana for this beautiful informative and supportive documentary! Im 16 months TSW and had to cancel my vacation today because the pain is too much right now. Today I found out about your documentary and it made me feel more hopeful again for my future , thank you so much!

– Robin van Kempen

Thank you Briana, for all the hard work you put in this documentary. I can’t believe how thorough your research is!!! I really hope medical professionals wake up and realise TSW/RSS is a real issue and make a change after watching this documentary!!!

– Natsumi W

Briana, Briana, Briana! You did an amazing job. So professional, so emotional, so much work you put into this. You even went to Japan to talk to my heroes. I’m still battling this but getting there step by step. Thank you so much, girl, for making this documentary and get our story out there. You are amazing! Much love and hugs!

– Els Spiessens

Thank you so much for shedding light on this horrific but totally preventable disease, Briana. I’m about a year into TSW and there were and still are moments where I feel so alone and frustrated. With amazing and compassionate people like you, I’m positive that we can make a change.

– Kristine Le

Thank you, Briana! This is such a brilliant documentary. I am 6.5 years post steroids. TSW was the most traumatic time in my life. So good to see so many familiar faces and names from the ITSAN forum, Facebook group and Instagram.  The support was incredible, especially when I was constantly told that TSW wasn’t a recognised condition. I recently nearly lost my life for a second time due to allergies and saw an amazing immunologist who said that, “TSW is definitely a thing”. To hear that was incredible. She said that the steroids compromised my immune system for sure. Anyway, thanks again. I’m confident that your documentary will continue to make a lasting difference for many years to come.

I’m confident that your documentary will continue to make a lasting difference for many years to come.

– Nikki Kelly

Seven months into this.  Just in the last week I realized what it truly was after months of knowing it wasn’t eczema anymore. Seeing this fills me with hope and encouragement though I know I don’t know what my journey will entail. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, Briana. May you be blessed, loved, and held in all the best ways.

– Karri Newswanger