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Hello loves!

From March to April, we get to see all of our Australian and New Zealand rockstars, but once June hits, we are on to North America!

On this stretch of the documentary, we will be seeing more doctors/leaders than advocates (which is exciting!), and I can’t wait to finally meet some of these rockstars.

Bonus, there will be an L.A. meet up AND the 2023 NEA Eczema Expo happening in Orlando, FL in late June. That means a ton more mini interviews and voices to add to the film. Lots of work, but lots of incredible advocacy!

So, without further ado!

Ciena Nelson

Heather Cody

Cynthia Nicole

Ashley Ann Lora

Diana and Alex (son)

Chi Villines

Korey Capozza, Leader of GPERS

Julie Block, Leader of the NEA

Kathy Tullos, Leader of ITSAN

Kelly Barta, ITSAN board

Jennifer Fugo, MS, LDN, CNS

Dr. Peter Lio

Dr. Olivia Friedman

Dr. Adam Friedman

Dr. Raj Chovatiya

Dr. Ian Myles

Dr. Jeffrey Morris

Dr. Kurt Ashack

Dr. Bradley Campbell

Some of these stars are already big players with advocacy efforts, and others are quiet contenders with big stories and even greater hearts for change. And check out that list of medical professionals!!

I’d definitely subscribe to my email list and YouTube channel to stay updated, especially when filming commences. I’ll also be casting tons of stories on my instagram, a way for me to bring you along on this adventure. If I ever cry on there, I apologize in advance. Things can get real when you are jet-lagged, frustrated, elated and inspired all at once!

Stay tuned for our UK/EU squad next week!

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