From Across the Pond

Hello loves!

From down under, to state side, we have finally made our last round — across the pond!

When it comes to this last leg of the tour, funding is imperative. If I am not able to raise all of the funds needed, I may have to cut off part of the US/UK tour, so please help spread the word so none of these amazing stories and voices gets left out!

There will also be TWO different meet ups happening — one in London and one in Scotland. I am glad we have two options here!

So, without further ado!

Louise King

Jing Rui Yeo

Zainab Danjuma

Chloe Robinson

Megan Crome

Jonathan Rowe

Bethany Norman

Holly Broome

Jessie Banks

Jem Brown

Gary Smith

Sasha Rovin

Maartje Francisco

Clare Roberts

Farhan Ismail, pharmacist

Dr. Hok Bing Thio

Dr. Chanchai Chutsirimongkol

Dr. George Moncrieff

… and possibly three more!

Some of these stars are already big players with advocacy efforts, and others are quiet contenders with big stories and even greater hearts for change. This is starting to feel so real!

I’d definitely subscribe to my email list and YouTube channel to stay updated, especially when filming commences. I’ll also be casting tons of stories on my instagram, a way for me to bring you along on this adventure. If I ever cry on there, I apologize in advance. Things can get real when you are jet-lagged, frustrated, elated and inspired all at once!

Stay tuned for us taking off to Australia in March!

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